Dynamic Interaction Between the Wheel and Crossing Nose

January 1, 2016 in

Conference Paper

Lizuo Xin

Valeri Markine, Ivan Shevtsov



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This paper focuses on simulating the impact of a railway wheel on the crossing nose, when the train is passing through a turnout using a three-dimensional dynamic finite element model. The model provides the dynamic contact forces between the wheel and the crossing, as well as the wheel and crossing nose displacements; detailed investigations such as stress distribution in the rail are also possible. The realistic wing rail and crossing geometry has been used in the model to analyse the local contact situation. Several field measurements were conducted in the railway network in the Netherlands and were used to develop and validate the finite element model in this paper. The effects of various axle loads, train speeds are investigated. The model presented can be used to study the short-term behavior of the crossing and provide a good basis for prediction of the long-term behavior of the crossing.