Experimental Analysis of the Dynamic Behaviour of a Railway Track in Transition Zones

January 1, 2016 in

Conference Paper

Haoyu Wang

Valeri Markine, Ivan Shevtsov


non-destructive testing, railway track, track transition zone, tracks condition monitoring

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Transition zones in railway tracks are locations with considerable changes in the vertical stiffness of the rail support. In such locations, the vertical stiffness of the track support varies, resulting in amplification of the dynamic forces acting on the track, which ultimately leads to deterioration of track status. This paper presents an experimental tool for measuring of track displacements in the transition zones. The measurement device is based on the video gauge system (VGS) measurement system. The VGS is a contactless mobile device for measuring displacements or deformations. Since the VGS was not specifically developed for railway applications, it has been extensively tested in a laboratory to assess the feasibility of its use to measure the displacements of a railway track. Influence of the system parameters such as the focal length of the lenses, distance and angle of the camera etc. on the accuracy of the measurements has been analysed and the working ranges of these parame