Finite element solution of the transition process of compression-shift-rolling contact with partial slip

August 1, 2013 in

Conference Paper

Zilong Wei

Zili Li, Rolf Dollevoet


Year: July 2013
finite element method, frictional contact, partial slip, rolling, shift, tangential solution

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Partial slip, with which microscopic slip only occurs at certain region in the contact patch, has been investigated with several methods. Cattaneo [1], for instance, gave an analytical solution to the shift problem of two elastically similar materials under constant normal load followed by a monotonically increasing tangential force, and showed that slip would occur at the edge of contact patch. Semi-analytical methods such as conjugate gradient method (CGM) & Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) [2], as well as experiments [3] are also employed for contact problems of partial slip. In more complex cases, such as those with multiple contact patches, rough and worn contact profiles, analytical, semi-analytical and experimental methods may be inaccurate, costly or even not applicable.In this paper, the FE modeling of the transition from compression to shift and then further to rolling is presented.