Modelling of wheel-rail impact-like interaction at crossing panel

September 1, 2015 in

Conference Paper

Zilong Wei

Chen Shen, Zili Li, Rolf Dollevoet


10th International Conference on Contact Mechanics
Year: September 2015
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

finite element modelling, impact; railway crossing, rail degradation, wheel/rail interaction

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In this paper, a finite element model is presented to investigate the wheel-rail impact-like interaction at crossing panel. Compared to existing work, the focus is on the accurate solution of the tangential contact problem, in an effort to obtain realistic stress and strain. Plastic deformation of the wheelset and the rail is accounted for, and the evolution of frictional rolling contact with respect to adhesion-slip regions, pressure, surface shear traction and micro-slip is elaborated during the impact. It is found that the variations of the pressure and surface shear traction from the closure rail to the wing rail are not synchronous; this could contribute to the non-proportional loading in the materials. Besides, the frictional contact upon the impact inherently contains high frequency vibrations, thus resulting in the cyclic loading on the local areas of the contact patch. The model can be applied to failure analysis and profile and structure optimization of crossings.