Numerical analysis of the dynamic interaction between wheel set and turnout crossing using the explicit finite element method

February 1, 2016 in

Journal Paper

Lizuo Xin
Valeri Markine
Ivan Shevtsov

ISSN 0042-3114


Vehicle System Dynamics: international journal of vehicle mechanics and mobility
Volume 54, Issue 3, Pages 301-327

Publishing date: February 1, 2016

crossing, explicit FE analysis, impact damage, railway turnout, wheel–rail contact

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A three-dimensional (3-D) explicit dynamic finite element (FE) model is developed to simulate the impact of the wheel on the crossing nose. The model consists of a wheelset moving over the turnout crossing. Realistic wheel, wing rail and crossing geometries have been used in the model. Using this model the dynamic responses of the system such as the contact forces between the wheel and the crossing, crossing nose displacements and accelerations, stresses in rail material as well as in sleepers and ballast can be obtained. Detailed analysis of the wheelset and crossing interaction using the local contact stress state in the rail is possible as well, which provides a good basis for prediction of the long-term behaviour of the crossing (fatigue analysis). In order to tune and validate the FE model field measurements conducted on several turnouts in the railway network in the Netherlands are used here. The parametric study including variations of the crossing nose geometries performed here demonstrates the capabilities of the developed model. The results of the validation and parametric study are presented and discussed.