Numerical analysis for fatigue life prediction on railroad RCF crack initiation

August 30, 2015 in

Conference Paper

Yuewei Ma

Valeri Markine


10th international conference on contact mechanics
Year: August 2015
Location: Colorado, USA

crack initiation, submodel

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In the present paper, a numerical procedure for surface crack initiation analysis based on the critical plane approach is proposed. The complex stress/strain state of wheel and rail (W/R) contact is analyzed by means of sub-modelling approach together with the transient contact nodal loads obtained from dynamic W/R rolling contact analysis. Meanwhile, a novel refining method is developed and utilized to discretize the full- and sub-models. In these models, realistic wheel and rail contact geometries and bilinear kinematic hardening material are both taken into account. The validity of the sub-modelling procedure has been successfully confirmed by simulation results comparison and cutting boundary stress verification. Moreover, the crack initiation analysis are implemented with integration of three advanced fatigue life models. Based on the results, it can be noticed that the surface initial crack orientation may differ from each other under different critical plane definitions. Also, it is worth mentioning that the numerical procedure is effective and efficient enough for doing crack initiation analysis.