A numerical procedure for analysis of W/R contact using explicit finite element methods

August 30, 2015 in

Conference Paper

Yuewei Ma

Valeri Markine


10th International Conference on Contact Mechanics
Year: October 2015
Location: Colorado Springs, USA

Explicit FE method, W/R interaction

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Since no effective experimental approaches have been proposed to assess wheel and rail (W/R) contact performance till now, numerical computational analysis is known as an alternative to approximately simulate the W/R interaction. In this paper, one numerical procedure is proposed on the basis of explicit finite element method to analyse the complex stress state of W/R contact. Moreover, a novel refining method is developed and utilized to discretise both the W/R solid model. This model considers a realistic wheel and rail geometry and bilinear kinematic hardening material. The effects of contact points, friction force and contact stiffness on the dynamic response of wheel-rail interaction are investigated. Based on these results, it can be noticed  that the numerical procedure not only provides much realistic results but is also flexible and efficient enough for dealing with different wheel-rail operational parameters. Also, it is worth mentioning that this numerical procedure is not limited to straight tracks, can easily be extended to be used for curved tracks and turnout as well.