Performance Study of a Double Crossover for Facing and Trailing Directions

January 1, 2016 in

Conference Paper

Xiangming Liu

Valeri Markine, Ivan Shevtsov


25th Int. Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks (IAVSD)
Year: 2015
Location: Graz, Austria

ballast degradation, Facing and trailing directions, Frogs, railway crossover, turnout condition monitoring, wheel/rail interaction

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This paper presented the performance study of two frogs in a double crossover in the railway network in the Netherlands. These frogs are located on the same track line. Each train passes through Frog 1 in the facing direction and Frog 2 in the trailing direction. Both frogs are monitored with ESAH-M crossing dynamic behaviour measurement tool and remote displacement measurement system Video Gauge.

Results indicate that Frog 1 experiences high wheel/rail contact force (acceleration) and wear in Frog 2 develops fast. Frog 2 suffers from lack support of ballast, while the potential damage in Frog 1 is mainly related to the rail part.