Time-varying scheme for non-centralized model predictive control of large-scale systems

January 1, 2016 in

    Journal Paper

    Alfredo Núñez
    Carlos Ocampo-Martinez
    Pepe Maestre
    Bart De Schutter

    ISSN 1563-5147
    DOI 10.1155/2015/560702


    Mathematical Problems in Engineering
    Volume Volume 2015, Issue Article ID 560702, Pages 17 Pages

    Publisher: Hindawi
    Publishing date: 2015


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    The noncentralized model predictive control (NC-MPC) framework in this paper refers to any distributed, hierarchical, or decentralized model predictive controller (or a combination of them) the structure of which can change over time and the control actions of which are not obtained based on a centralized computation. Within this framework, we propose suitable online methods to decide which information is shared and how this information is used between the different local predictive controllers operating in a decentralized, distributed, and/or hierarchical way. Evaluating all the possible structures of the NC-MPC controller leads to a combinatorial optimization problem. Therefore, we also propose heuristic reduction methods, to keep the number of NC-MPC problems tractable to be solved. To show the benefits of the proposed framework, a case study of a set of coupled water tanks is presented.