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Joris van Dijk finished a double Bachelor degree in both Built Environment and Building Management in 2010 and received his MSc title in Architecture at Delft University of Technology in 2014. He wrote his graduation thesis on 'Creating Creativity; a study into the architectural means to stimulate the creative mind and enhance innovation'. His literature study on human behavior and analysis of existing buildings, realised for the purpose of generating creative thoughts, led to a 'toolbox' for a newly designed work environment to facilitate people towards inspiration, creation and innovation, by using architecture as a binding element. All findings were translated into a building design on the Southbank in London.

His full-time involvement in the study association gave him a new perspective on education and how we lecture our students today. After graduating he wanted to evaluate the system and help to improve it within a team of professionals and most important with input from students. The section of Railway Engineering just started the establishment for a new Master Annotation, which has to be developed towards a full Master Track within the coming three years. Joris is leading a team of senior academics and student-assistants to set-up this new Master as well as an online spin-off to enable people from all around the world to follow our rail courses on demand.

He initiates and coordinates a wide range of new projects on research, education and communication in close corporation with our academic partners and business relations. In 2017 Joris developed, among other projects, a serious game on railway asset management, a film on the complexity behind a daily train ride and an interactive world map in which several thousands of users from over 120 countries participate; sharing their experience and expertise on railway networks worldwide.

Joris' goal is to bring practice, research and education together, on both national and international scale, strengthening each other towards a continuously innovating environment.

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Ir. Joris van Dijk

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