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Nikola Bešinović received the MSc in operations research in transportation from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. He is currently a PhD researcher and teaching assistant at the Transport and Planning department, Delft University of Technology.

His main focus on advanced models and algorithms for evaluating performance of railway operations and improving railway timetable planning and traffic management, and appraisal of infrastructure projects. Nikola has been involved in national and EU research projects with railway and IT companies around Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia). He is currently working on developing advanced models for robust railway timetabling and maintenance scheduling.

Robust and resilient railway timetables

As worldwide demand for passenger and freight transport increases across all modes, main line railways in Europe are experiencing ever more intensive use of their services, particularly in urban areas. At the same time, much of the existing mainline railway network has been already susceptible to delays and disturbances. One solution to this problem is to build more railway capacity; however, constructing new railways is expensive, takes time and faces a number of environmental constraints. Therefore, the PhD project Robust and resilient railway timetables is investigating new ways of managing existing capacity that will allow more services to operate more reliably and increase passenger satisfaction. This project is supported by European FP7 project Optimal Networks for Train Integration Management across Europe (ON-TIME).

An integrated micro–macro approach to robust railway timetabling
October 6, 2016 by Nikola Besinovic, Rob Goverde , Egidio Quaglietta, [...]

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Nikola Bešinović, MSc

PhD Researcher

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