Workshop Poznan 2016

December 5, 2016 in

As a part of the MSc course Elements of Railway Engineering the students has a chance to participate in the Workshop on Railway Technology. The workshop was held in Poznan (Poland) during the period 28 November-2 December 2016. The host was Poznan University of Technology. The students from following 3 universities were participating in this course:

  • Technische Universität Berlin (TUB)
  • Delft University of Technology (TUD)
  • Poznan University of Technology (PUT)

The Workshop on Rail Technology is an international event held to let the students and young scientists interested in railway technology to network, exchange experience and learn more about the rolling stock and the railway industry. The Workshop on Rail Technology has a relatively long tradition. Since 2009 it was organized annually either in Poznan or Berlin. Since this year it has been expanded with a delegation from Delft, so that the students have even more possibilities for networking and exchanging of experience.

The program of the Workshop consisted of

  • Presentations of the participating Universities
  • Lectures of leading railway specialists from the university and industry
  • Technical visits to rolling stock manufacturing companies and research institutes
  • Workshops during which the students had to discuss and solve the given real life problems
  • Social events when the student had opportunities to learn about each other in informal atmosphere

During the group workshops the leaders of the participating groups Prof. Markus Hecht (TUB) Dr Bartosz Firlik (PUT) and Dr Valeri Markine gave presentations about their universities and activities of their research groups.

At the first day, three lectures were given on review and construction of brake systems of rail vehicles, hazard identification model and  UE vision of interoperability.

Every year, students have an opportunity to go to interesting railway-related places which are usually unavailable for general public, such as rolling stock depots, factories, research facilities etc. This time the students were invited to PESA Bydgoszcz (rolling stock factory), Solaris Bus&Coach (tram factory), Franowo Depot (modern tram depot and one of the largest in Europe), IPS Tabor (railway research institute and testing facility) and LECH Brewery (beer factory).

During these visits, introductions about companies or departments were given, and the building/testing facilities, tram operation, vehicle products and maintenance, experiments, and manufacture procedure, etc. were explained in detail. We have also attended a set of lectures regarding rail vehicles construction and current research carried on at the Department of Rail Vehicles.

Furthermore, the students took part in group workshops during which they had to deal with the real-life problems taken from the rail market, to analyse them and to propose solutions. Working in groups definitely contributed in improvement of their abilities of working in team and brainstorming innovative solutions.