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With a full range of high-quality disciplines, courses and unique facilities in railway sciences, we aim to become a starting place of scientific developments that will meet the challenges of evolution and complexity of the railway technology. We tend to further develop our position as a producer of outstanding practical knowledge and as an innovative partner. Cooperation with the industry and other leading universities in the world, is an essential part of the accomplishment of our ambition and the basis of our reputation.

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The RailaHead symposium in October 2013 was built around the inauguration of Professor Rolf Dollevoet. A three day event as basis for a five year plan, to develop rail education and strengthen our group’s research. Representatives from both the sector as well as partner universities where invited to speak, debate and share thought on innovation and collaboration in a multidisciplinary approach; working together on a better rail infrastructure.


Our team consists of specialists from with a broad diversity of backgrounds and nationalities, working on the complex issues and challenges of Railway Engineering and Operations. TU Delft Rail is a collaboration between the faculties Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Policy and Management, to provide education covering all aspects within the field and enable research in a large variety of related topics.

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In the Spotlight

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Sience Matchmaking is een initiatief van ProRail en TU Delft. In en rondom Railinfrastructuur heeft men te maken met complexe vragen en uitdagingen op diverse vlakken. Vertalen van die vragen naar uitvoerbare projecten stimuleert de direct verantwoordelijke instantie om stappen te nemen richting een oplossing. Science Matchmaking zorgt voor die vertaalslag. Rail gerelateerde vragen en onderwerpen, ongeacht de bron daarvan, kunnen via het concept worden onderzocht.

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In 2014 TU Delft Rail introduced the CTO measurement train, fitted with a mobile laboratory as well as an actual rolling classroom! It travels the Dutch rail network, collecting data on wheels, rails, pantograph, vehicle behaviour and more.

Both companies and researchers can make use of the train, as long as students are involved in the process. The on-board equipment of all necessary cables and sensors enables an easy set-up and cost efficient analysis.

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The new Rail MOOC has been a great success as start of our online rail education program. Learners from all around the world can participate in this from their home or work, by following consecutive modules of approximately 4-5 hours a week.

Courses start in March (Track and Train Interaction), May (Real Time Operations) and September (Performance over Time).

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Rolf Dollevoet, CT TUDelft,
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Every month a guest is invited to write a column on current issues, challenges and innovations within the rail industry and academic world.

The first columns will appear fall 2019.

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Assistant Professor in Wheel-Rail Contact Dynamics

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Closing date: March 11, 2019  |  Detailed info

We are always seeking to strengthen our team with innovative researchers, lecturers and young professionals. Feel free to send us an open application (rail@tudelft.nl).