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Performance Interaction Model

In 1997 the public owned railway company, NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), was privatized into different organizations. Before that, the supply chain was in one organization. In the years after the privatization, different firms try to find their role in the market. Instead of keeping the collaboration at stand, all the organizations were focusing on their own company. To find collaboration, contracts were set up to arrange that. It becomes to a more contractual collaboration with the focus on contractual agreements and liabilities, than to smoothly cooperation. The consequence is that trust between organizations gets more and more under pressure. Therefore trust has become an important factor. Most literature defines trust even as the most important factor for collaboration. The purpose of my research is to make a performance interaction model (PIM) to define factors which form trust when contracting a contractor for maintaining the railway infrastructure in The Netherlands. This will be done by identify factors which influence trust at both parties, the maintenance contractor and the railway manager. Interviews with key players from both parties will be done to collect data. Also interviews will be held with railway managers at other European countries to compare the collected data to each other. From analysis of these data a first draft of PIM will be ready. We will test this model by simulating it in different rounds. Every round, the factors of the model will be changed and analyzed. Simulating the interaction between client and supplier is a serious game technique where social behavior of people will be analyzed. We do that by experimenting with the identified factors of trust from literature review. When the optimum of the model is ready, this will be the final draft. The final product is a model which can be used to understand trust in the contracting phase. Hopefully, people will use this model wisely.

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Alf Smolders

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