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Michaël Steenbergen (1979) is assistant professor in the Railway Engineering Department of TU Delft. He is actively involved in both development and implementation of research projects on a wide range of subjects, performed for the national and the European railway sector. Financing comes from industrial partners, govemental organisations and European funds. He holds an MSc (2003) and PhD degree (2008, title: Dynamic Wheel-Rail Interaction at Short Irregularities), both cum laude, from Delft University of Technology.

Michaël Steenbergen has a general background in Structural Dynamics and Material Engineering. His research expertise and focus is on the long-term structural performance of infrastructural assets subject to dynamic loading processes. Herein, he distinguishes the substructure where granular materials (ballast and soil) prevail, and the superstructure with mainly metallic assets. In the first area, he studies phenomena such as vibration radiation from railway tracks and deterioration of track geometry under ongoing train operation, including mechanical aspects such as transition wave radiation and material aspects such as the constitutive behaviour of granular materials under dynamic loading. In the second area, he studies both the mechanical aspects of wheel-rail interaction (on macro and micro-scales) and material (metallurgical) aspects that play a role in contact mechanics and tribology. This involves the study of damage mechanisms such as wear types, fracture, spalling, plasticity, rolling contact fatigue, welding failure etc., and their governing parameters.

There are no researches published yet by Michaël Steenbergen

Rolling contact fatigue in relation to rail grinding
March 25, 2016
by Michaël Steenbergen

Railway track degradation: The contribution of rolling stock
January 1, 2016
by Michaël Steenbergen, Edward de Jong

Squat formation and rolling contact fatigue in curved rail track
June 18, 2015
by Michaël Steenbergen

On the mechanism of squat formation on train rails – Part II: Growth
May 11, 2015
by Michaël Steenbergen, Rolf Dollevoet

On the mechanism of squat formation on train rails – Part I: Origination
May 11, 2015
by Michaël Steenbergen, Rolf Dollevoet

Physics of railroad degradation: The role of a varying dynamic stiffness and transition radiation processes
January 3, 2013
by Michaël Steenbergen

Combatting RCF on switch points by tuning elastic track properties
October 16, 2010
by Michaël Steenbergen, Valeri Markine , Yvan Shevtsov

The role of the contact geometry in wheel–rail impact due to wheel flats: Part II
June 23, 2008
by Michaël Steenbergen

Quantification of dynamic wheel–rail contact forces at short rail irregularities and application to measured rail welds
December 21, 2007
by Michaël Steenbergen

The role of the contact geometry in wheel–rail impact due to wheel flats
October 19, 2007
by Michaël Steenbergen

Assessment of design parameters of a slab track railway system from a dynamic viewpoint
July 2, 2007
by Michaël Steenbergen, Andrei Metrikine , Coenraad Esveld

Modelling of wheels and rail discontinuities in dynamic wheel–rail contact analysis
February 17, 2007
by Michaël Steenbergen

Relation between the geometry of rail welds and the dynamic wheel–rail response: numerical simulations for measured welds
June 27, 2006
by Michaël Steenbergen, Coenraad Esveld

The effect of the interface conditions on the dynamic response of a beam on a half-space to a moving load
May 12, 2006
by Michaël Steenbergen, Andrei Metrikine

Rail weld geometry and assessment concepts
February 22, 2006
by Michaël Steenbergen, Coenraad Esveld

Dynamic response of expansion joints to traffic loading
May 28, 2004
by Michaël Steenbergen Michaël Steenbergen didn't provide more information. Michaël Steenbergen

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