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Valéri Markine [vʌˈlʲeɾʲij ˈmʌɾkʲɪn] obtained his MSc Diploma in Mechanics in 1991 from Gorky State University, Gorky (now Nizhniy Novgorod), USSR.
He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology (1999). The title of his PhD thesis was ‘Optimization of the Dynamic Behaviour of Mechanical Systems’.
In 1998 he has joined the Section of Road and Railway Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering of TU Delft. At present he works as an Assistant Professor (tenure) at the Section of Railway Engineering.

- Railway Engineering
   - Vehicle and track dynamics
   - Ballast and slab tracks
   - Track stability
   - Wheel-rail interface
- Condition monitoring of railway crossings
- Design optimization, parameter identification
- Computational mechanics

Railway crossings: Analysis, Design, Monitoring and Optimisation | Analysis and optimisation of Transition zones | Ballast behaviour

Railway crossings

This ongoing research consists of several projects the firs of which was commenced in 2007.

Elasticity of railway turnouts                       (2007 - 2010)

Optimisation of railwway turnouts                (2010 - 2016: PhD study of C. Wan)
  • Smart grinding of crossings (2015 - 2016)
Long term behaiviour of railway crossings     (2012 - 2017: PhD study of L. Xin)

Wheel-rail interface                                     (2013 - 2017: PhD study of Y. Ma)

Structural health monitoring of crossings      (2013 - 2018: PhD study of X. Liu)
  • Long term montoring of double crossover in Meppel (2015 - 2017)
  • Monitoring of new type of turnouts                          (2015-2016)

Transition zones

Design and optimisation of transition zones   (2012 - 2017: PhD study of H. Wang)

Ballast behaviour

Analysis of ballast behaviour (2016 - 2020: PhD study of Y. Guo)

Performance Optimised Geometry of Railway Crossings: Design and Implementation
April 29, 2016
by Valeri Markine, Chang Wan

Numerical procedure for fatigue life prediction for railway turnout crossings using explicit finite element approach
April 24, 2016
by Lizuo Xin, Valeri Markine , Ivan Shevtsov

Robust optimisation of railway crossing geometry
February 17, 2016
by Chang Wan, Valeri Markine , Rolf Dollevoet

Numerical analysis of the dynamic interaction between wheel set and turnout crossing using the explicit finite element method
February 1, 2016
by Lizuo Xin, Valeri Markine , Ivan Shevtsov

Optimisation of the elastic track properties of turnout crossings
January 1, 2016
by Chang Wan, Valeri Markine , Ivan Shevtsov

Improvement of vehicle-turnout interaction by optimising the shape of crossing nose
January 1, 2016
by Chang Wan, Valeri Markine , Ivan Shevtsov

Parametric study of wheel transitions at railway crossings
October 12, 2015
by Chang Wan, Valeri Markine

Analysis of train/turnout vertical interaction using a fast numerical model and validation of that model
May 24, 2013
by Chang Wan, Valeri Markine , Ivan Shevtsov

Combatting RCF on switch points by tuning elastic track properties
October 16, 2010
by Michaël Steenbergen, Valeri Markine , Yvan Shevtsov

Educational commitments:
 - MSc course 'Elements of Railway Engineering'       (CIE4874)
 - MSc course 'Structural Design of Railway Tracks'   (CIE4870)

Supervision of PhD candidates
   Ivan Shevtsov      2003
   Chang Wan          2016


Dr. Valeri Markine

Assistant Professor

+31 (0) 15 278 32 06
Building: 23, room S2 2.33

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