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In 2009 Zhen Yang obtained his Bachelor degree in Traffic Engineering at Beijing Institute of Technology. After that, he entered Tongji University to do a master study in Railway Engineering. In 2012, Zhen Yang got his master degree and started as a PhD student at the Section of Road and Railway Engineering of TU Delft. His research focuses on noise of railway systems.

Modeling of railway impact noise and squeal noisernwheel and track dynamicsrnwheel-rail impact contact and two-point contact

Experimental and numerical study of dynamic behaviour of a typical Dutch insulated rail joint

Due to the significant discontinuity in stiffness and geometry, the insulated rail joint (IRJ) is considered as one of the weakest parts in the track structure. The wheel-rail impact over a joint may lead to track deterioration and impact noise. The wheel-rail impact load is believed closely associated to the dynamic behaviour of the track and conditions of track components at the joint section. The dynamic behaviour of a typical IRJ in the Dutch railway network is firstly investigated experimentally by hammer tests and pass-by measurements in this research. After that, a three dimensional finite element  IRJ model and a wheel-IRJ interaction model are set up and an explicit time integration scheme is employed to reproduce the hammer test and pass-by measurement numerically. Some track parameters used in the model are calibrated by the hammer tests results. The dynamic behaviour of the IRJ predicted by the numeric models are validated against the field meausurements.

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When Yang, MSc

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