Improvement of dirt and graffiti resistance of rolling stock

October 1, 2016 in

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    For railway operators, the effective usage of the fleet with as many active trains as possible and a minimization of inactive trains, is one of the main objectives. This optimization of fleet availability condense down to a logistic topic: which processes and/or cycles concerning the rolling stock can be improved in order to increase the in-service time of trains. A better level of in service performance of train will directly contribute to the transport service provided by the rail operator.

    A team of students and researchers are looking at the available options for on enhancing the efficiency of the train cleaning processes by the application of a special coating on the exterior of the vehicles. In theory coatings with self-cleaning properties could contribute to the reduction of the frequency of cleaning shifts needed per train and thus improve the productivity of the washing activity and improve the availability of trains for service. Various aspects of the train cleaning processes and the demands for safety, environment and operational use of rolling stock will be taken into account. The research will be completed in February 2017.