Life Cycle Cost Analysis Rail Track Assets

January 1, 2017 in

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    Over the past decades, many infrastructure related management organisations have moved from separate investment management and maintenance tasks to a more integral asset management approach, with a look at the life cycle costs of the asset. However, practice has shown that procurement of railway infrastructure assets is mainly focused on the one-time investment. Bids for the building of bridges, tracks and tunnels are still judged on the initial costs. While the costs associated with the use of a rail asset may vary significantly over the economic lifetime. The disregard of these differences in costs in the selection of construction types may be detrimental for the owner or asset manager on a long term.

    A student from TU Delft with a background in economics as well as civil engineering is going to look into the impact of a Life Cycle Cost Analysis Models on the purchase decision for embedded rail systems and equivalent rail track assets. The research should lead to a better understanding of the use of life cycle costs for the comparison of options for the building of rail track assets. The research will be carried out in cooperation with Edilon Sedra. First results are expected in the second quarter of 2017.